I have helped businesses in a variety of industries from Assisted Living to Restaurants, Hotels,
and Law Firms make their way to the top of search engines.

What is SEO?

SEO (or Search Engine Optimization) is the process of moving a website up in the rankings of search engines such as Google. Ranking high in search results can transform your business and play a major role in expansion and success. Getting there however, is no easy task. Search engines have a completely secret algorithm (if everyone knew what it took to get to the top, there would be no proper form of ranking). Furthermore, their algorithms are constantly evolving. There are, however, certain factors of the algorithm that consistently remains the same. It is these factors that must be focused on in order to succeed.

What I Offer

There is no science to SEO. If you want to be on the first page of Google, you need to prove to Google that you deserve to be there. Below, I've listed each known consistent factor of SEO and how I can help you achieve this:

Look good on a cell phone, iPad, or tablet.

We've reached an age in technology where everything can be done from the palm of your hand. Google has recognized the importance of mobilization, and has adjusted their algorithm accordingly. Basically, if your website is going to show up high in their rankings – it better look good on a mobile device. With that said - how does your website look on a mobile phone, iPad or tablet? If your website is not already mobilized, I can help! My websites are built using the latest web technology so that they adjust automatically as the screen size changes. This is referred to as “Responsiveness”.

Make sure you are showing up in optimal searches.

A “keyword” according to search engines, is a term you type into to the search bar. For example “Steakhouse in Beverly Hills”. Important keywords for your business should be plugged in throughout your site. These keywords should be in page titles, headers, links, tags, etc. The first thing I will ask when you are looking to start an SEO campaign is “what are the keywords you want to focus on?”. I will study these keywords based on how competitive they are, and work with you accordingly.

Your content should be completely original.

Originality is key. You will never move up in search engine rankings if the content on your website is copied + pasted. In fact, this can severely hurt your rankings. I offer a service which will provide original content for your business written by professionals with years of credible writing experience.

4Consistent Changes & Improvement
Your website should never be stagnant.

This is one of the hardest SEO factors to meet, but it's essential. Google wants to see fresh content. Notice how successful websites are constantly changing – adding content, modifying design, promoting user engagement, etc. This might seem like a monumental task, but I'm here to help! I offer a blog installation and management service, where new and original content is uploaded twice a week. Sit back, relax, and watch as your website continues to evolve with fresh content.

Internal & inbound.

Your website should contain a web of information, encompassing links throughout. Refer to successful websites, and you will see loads of links to content that exists deeper within the system. Also (and this is much harder), your website's performance in searches will significantly increase if you can obtain links from outside sources. For example, if there is an article written about your business on CNN.com, with a link back to your website – you will fly up the rankings. A link back from a blog, or social media will definitely help as well, but the more relevant the source is, the better! My services offer Press Release writing as well as distribution to 500+ channels.

6Technical Perfection
No broken links.

A broken link is one that links to a non-existent page (often times an error page). Broken links are a no-no in regards to SEO! Google does not want to be affiliated with such practices, which are often regarded as unprofessional. I utilize a special software that tracks broken links to ensure your website is not affected, and performing at it's maximum potential.

7User Engagement
Understand bounce rates.

People should be interacting with your site! The last thing Google wants on it's front page is a website that people click on, spend less than 5 seconds, and leave. Yes, Google can track your visitors, where they come from, what pages they are clicking on, and how much time they spend on each page! This is called Analytics, and I can help you access this data as well. One thing you want to avoid is a high “bounce rate”. This number (measured as a percentage) will increase every time a user that comes to your website and leaves without clicking anything. Your website needs to look clean, interesting, and to the point! People's attention spans are decreasing, and you need to capitalize on each an every visitor.


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